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All our halva is hand-made using the highest quality ingredients and traditional expertise that has passed down through families for generations. While halva was once available only in its base standard (vanilla), ours is packed full of delicious flavours such as white chocolate, funky fruit or pistachio – we have 35 to choose from!

Our halva is 'open' - it's never vac-packed and that distinguishes it further from others on the market.

Although halva is a dessert, we believe that sweets can be a combination of healthy nutrients and vitamins and at the same time satisfy the inner desire of our sweet tooth. As consumer demand for healthier and more natural foods is soaring, halva is perfectly placed to make a huge impact on the UK market, which is great news for our franchisees.

"Your passion for your products will entice customers, who are already enjoying discovering the great taste of halva at our existing kiosks - which have over 30% repeat business and climbing."

Bary Levy, SesamMe Founder

It all starts with a humble seed...

Our premium base halva contains 65% tahini, which we believe to be by far the highest proportion anywhere on the market. Made entirely from crushed sesame seeds, it contains no gluten, is lactose-free and is suitable for vegans. Tahini is known as a superfood, high in nutrition and rich in vitamins and minerals, while halva is rich in protein, calcium and other minerals such as magnesium, zinc and natural antioxidants.

Authentic, tasty and rich in minerals – we think it’s the ultimate sweet! But it’s also just the beginning for SesamMe...

Bary is passionate about taking the simple sesame seed and creating great new products which will increase sales for our franchisees. We're committed to constantly evolving new offerings and we’ll soon be launching exciting new products like cakes, ice cream and cookies; the range is limited only by our imagination...

It all starts with a humble seed...


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