SesamMe opens online store, providing passive income to franchisees

Developments continue apace here at SesamMe, with the opening of a new online business stream that will bring profits to our franchisees – at absolutely no cost to them!

Initially launching with a select range of our tasty halvas, our online store is already going down a storm and will include an increasing array of our products in coming months. Sales from within each franchisee’s geographic trading area will add margin to their bottom line, with all orders managed, processed and shipped exclusively by our head office: it’s literally money for nothing!

The online shop in action

So why are we doing this? Simon Wise, SesamMe’s franchise manager, has the answers.

“With our stated ambition to grow a national network of passionate and profitable franchisees, our job is to ensure the SesamMe brand reaches as far and wide as possible,” he says. “The more customers that know and love our products, the more people we have sharing what makes SesamMe so great with their friends and family.

“That in turn leads to better results for everyone: franchisor, franchisees and happy customers! We take our business development as seriously as we take our product development and by sharing the margins with franchisees we’re demonstrating just how much we value their business success.”

Speaking of product development, the online store launch coincides with new products appearing in SesamMe’s company-owned outlets, where they will be tried and tested before being rolled out across franchisee-owned kiosks. Further proof, if it were needed, that we take our responsibilities in franchising seriously – franchisees will only be involved in avenues that we’ve demonstrated are profitable. We’re taking the risk and bearing the cost, so they don’t have to.

Simon added: “We’re going to grow a thriving network of local business owners across the country. We’re the market leader and we know we have stunningly good and really popular products, and we’re committed to helping as many people as possible to enjoy them.

“Our focus on being a great, ethical franchisor is equal to our focus on our quality and service, and that means there are serious opportunities for people looking to take control of their lives and secure their future.

“It’s an incredible time to start your own SesamMe business and get in on the ground floor of a brand which is really going places fast. That means not only a great lifestyle now – it means the chance to build an asset with superb resale value in the future.”


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