Run your business alongside some of the biggest names in retail, with great customer footfall

We've designed our franchise model to maximise the advantages of kiosk operations: low startup cost, low rates, high passing trade and located in shopping centres, right in the heart of the action!

Shopping centres spend MILLIONS of pounds each year attracting customers. By placing your kiosk within these outlets you’ll benefit from a big business marketing spend and sophisticated attraction and retention strategies for shoppers who are primed to spend money – at a fraction of the price a store would cost. Your business will stand alongside some of the biggest names in retail.

We will help you select the right site for your kiosk, but if you already have a location in mind we will help you evaluate your chosen site to ensure it meets all our success criteria. We have experts who will build the kiosk, and we'll work with you on the supply of equipment.

A SesamMe kiosk creates a sense of theatre which draws attention and entices customers to see what's going on. Passion and energy are the key ingredients for your business success - your love of halva and the sesame seed will transmit through your team and attract consumers who are hungry to find out more.

We have proven techniques to help you maximise sales - both in terms of numbers of customers and average spend per customer. We call it 'Stop, Try, Buy' and we'll fully train you and your team in the perfect way to bring your sesame products to the masses!

Converting curiosity into customers


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